MoMELog News

19 Dec 2007 - MoMELog 1.0 released

The MoMELog project started. MoMELog is J2ME logging framework. It is very simple and extensible logging framework intended to be used at development time. It consists of small core and extensions, that provide particular formatting method or make logging information accessible to developers via particular mean.
See Introduction for more details.

MoMELog logging framework is extremely simple and extensible. It adheres to restrictions and boundaries of J2ME architecture and provides means for declarative and programmatical configuration.
See MoMELog Guide for more details.

MoMELog provides PatternFormatter as extension. It is intended to convert logging events to strings based on conversion pattern. It's functionality and format of conversion pattern resemble very much that of log4J framework.
See PatternFormatter Guide for details.

MoMELog provides LogCanvas as extension. It is intended to display logging information on device's or emulator's screen. It is fully functional Canvas with very simple and convenient GUI. Users can scroll one line or page down or up and go to the beginning or to the end of text, toggle fullscreen mode and reset buffer by pressing one key. To indicate first and last line, scrollbar's cursor has different color at the edge positions (top and bottom) from that at the middle. Like any other Displayable it requires from developer some programming work.
See LogCanvas Guide for details.

MoMELog provides LogFile as extension. It is intended to collect logging information in destination file. It can be used only on devices or emulators that support FileConnection API. It is fully configurable. Users can specify location, character encoding, header and footer lines of destination file and prefix and suffix of each logging line.
See LogFile Guide for details.